De Montfort University, Leicester school of pharmacy

De Montfort University, Leicester School of Pharmacy and ColVisTec AG are pleased to announce that the University has acquired a ColVisTec system for UV-VIS in-line spectroscopy measurement for use in their pharmaceutical pilot plant.

Dr Walkiria Schlindwein said that the added ability to measure numerous aspects of the manufacturing process „in-line“, will be a fundamental part of next-generation pharmaceutical manufacturing methods. She looks forward to experimenting with the novel measurement technologies developed at ColVisTec through the IMPAX program.

In the words of the FDA; such Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), when used within a continuous manufacturing system, can provide an effective and efficient means for acquiring information to facilitate process understanding, continuous improvement and the development of risk-mitigation strategies.

The Leicester School of Pharmacy is one of the UK’s most established pharmacy schools, with more than 100 years‘ of teaching experience; renowned for academic expertise, professional development training and world-leading research. They provide a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research opportunities that have been developed for traditional undergraduates as well as experienced practitioners looking to up-skill. Their professional accreditations, strong links with industry and direct input from registered practitioners ensures consist graduation of graduates of the highest calibre. The University has a number of Global partnerships in China, Egypt, Iraq etc. in order to promote first class pharmaceutical training to student from these countries and in support of their health care development.

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